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Exciting news! Cullum introduce the Variable Height Utility Pole

Monday, 13th August 2018


Cullum Detuners is pleased to introduce the Variable Height Utility Pole designed for safety critical sites and locations across the energy sector, onshore and offshore power and road/rail transportation sectors. The exciting new product allows mounting of a variety of equipment from CCTV, Lighting and Gas/Fire Detection able to be operated and maintained by a single user through the adoption of a unique counter balance mechanism.

During a maintenance activity, a single person can quickly and easily drop the mounted equipment to a safe working height within minutes in a safe and controlled manner without the need for access platforms, mobile cherry pickers or scaffolding. The accuracy and reliability of the counter balance mechanism also means that open path detectors can reliably be re-aligned to within +/-5% and compared to other cantilevered units, the pole occupies a vastly reduced footprint without the need for temporary constriction of working spaces during maintenance.

The units can be constructed in custom lengths up to 15m in height and available in a variety of materials and coatings including hot dip galvanised and IP rated for more arduous environmental conditions. Cullum can provide a full site assessment, design, build and installation process including integration and commissioning of mounted equipment.

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