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Cullum Nuclear, Supporting Safe and Reliable Nuclear Development


Cullum Nuclear’s teams are experienced in designing and manufacturing high integrity solutions to the exacting standards required by the nuclear industry - and ourselves.

Since integrating skilled staff from the Butterley Cranes Company our nuclear sector activities have expanded and enhanced.

Cullum can offer electrical and mechanical design, manufacture, installation, works testing and ongoing support through spares and maintenance.

Commissioning and acceptance testing can be carried out at our in-house test facility, capable of handling 150 Tonne capacity. All our testing is underpinned with robust strategies and documentation.

We have supplied cranes up to 50 Tonnes in capacity to one of the UK’s largest nuclear sites.

We have provided dependable outage support for installed equipment.

We have delivered refurbishment and maintenance on cranes and lifting systems.

We can apply all our experience in gas turbine packages to back-up gas turbines and other generating plant

We have decades of experience of supplying intakes, exhausts, enclosures and ventilation to the oil and gas industry, energy industry and military sectors across the world. All our products can be designed for acoustic attenuation.


Products & Services

  • High Integrity Cranes and other Lifting Equipment
  • Ventilation Ducting, Intake and Exhaust Ducting
  • Intake and Exhaust Systems
  • Filtration Systems
  • Mechanical Equipment Enclosures
  • On-Site Training and Supervision

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